Few Spirits Debuts Craft American Whiskey

CHICAGO — Today, FEW Spirits announces the debut of its newest expression— FEW American Whiskey— a remarkable and ingenious blend of the award-winning FEW Bourbon and FEW Rye Whiskies, along with an experimental FEW Cherrywood smoked Malt Whiskey. The outcome is an unabashedly proud American Whiskey that embodies innovation and offers an approachable taste profile fit for the spirit of the Republic.

A true representation of the creative and talented team at FEW Spirits, FEW American Whiskey was born through Founder and Distiller Paul Hletko’s constant quest for his team to create bold, one-of-a kind, unique spirits.

“We are constantly experimenting at FEW, innovating new expressions and our American Whiskey was a direct result of those efforts,” said Paul. “It all started with a unique Cherrywood-smoked Single Malt we created, which is delicious but defied category rules. We loved the flavor of this whisky and were especially blown away by how it mingled and married with our Bourbon and Rye.  That bold decision worked in our favor and from there our FEW American Whiskey was born.”

Distilled at a tucked away grain-to-glass distillery in an alleyway in Evanston, IL, FEW American Whiskey is a melting pot of all that FEW does. A complete balance of sweet, spice, and smoke, the tasting experience is satisfying and unique. Flavors of graham cracker and honey greet the palate at first sip along with savory rye spice notes on the bottom. Tart cherry notes follow with a wisp of smoke to round out the texture, along with a subtle white pepper and honey finish.

FEW American Whiskey is a distinctive reflection of the originality and innovation that has taken place over the past seven years at the small, but mighty FEW Distillery. A quintessential expression of the country, the FEW American Whiskey brings together different flavors, tastes and bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary to create something entirely new and delicious. FEW American Whiskey can be purchased at select liquor stores in the Chicago and NYC areas and directly at the FEW distillery. Suggested retail price is $49.99.