Flaviar Introduces Hercules Mulligan Rum and Rye

Flaviar, the leading members club for fine spirits enthusiasts, has teamed up with spirits industry veteran, Steve Luttmann, to enter the Rum + Rye category with Hercules Mulligan, a unique blend of Caribbean rum and American rye inspired by the unsung Revolutionary War hero Hercules Mulligan.

Luttmann, one part spirits industry veteran, one part historian, and founder of Leblon Cachaça, has long been fascinated with the story of Irish immigrant and tailor turned spy – Hercules Mulligan – who provided intelligence to close friend Alexander Hamilton, twice saved the life of General Washington, and helped secure freedom for all Americans.

Hercules Mulligan Rum + Rye is based on a historic recipe from the revolutionary era and is a 50:50 blend of Caribbean aged rum and home grown American rye whiskey. Fresh, organic, ginger root is macerated in the rum and rye blend, and a splash of bitters is added, ensuring this liberating libation can be enjoyed on the rocks as a ready-made Old Fashioned, perfect for the holiday season.

“Hercules Mulligan’s story deserves to be told. Operating in the shadows, he was a hero of the American Revolution, brave enough to take a stand against the injustices he saw in the world and risk his life more than once to save our founding fathers,” said Luttmann. “Deploying all the tools at his disposal, including his Irish wit, off-the-cuff style, and secret stash of liquor, Mulligan seamlessly elicited secrets from the British military. He is the unsung hero of the time and this liquid pays homage to his independent spirit.”

The spirit of Hercules Mulligan lives on in this line of bespoke libations fashioned after his secret weapons, rum and rye, which loosened the lips of British during the War of Independence. From Hercules Mulligan’s fashionable tailor shop on 23 Queen Street in New York, British Military uniforms were fitted, delicious drinks were poured and high value secrets seamlessly divulged.

“The rum and rye blend in Hercules Mulligan is a slight departure from Flaviar’s current offerings and is the first time we’re introducing the idea of a ready-made Old-Fashioned,” said Grisa Soba, co-founder of Flaviar and master blender of Hercules Mulligan. “Today’s consumer is looking for convenience without sacrificing taste and quality. When unexpected guests arrive, Hercules Mulligan saves the day, by providing a premium, quality and elevated drinking experience. This unique, complex blend, that once loosened lips, has been tailored to appeal to the tastebuds of today’s generation, which has embraced the convergence of spirits categories and blurred lines of convention.”

Hercules Mulligan is set to launch on November 25, otherwise known as Evacuation Day, when the British army fled New York City. On this day in in 1783, General Washington entered Manhattan and made a point of visiting Hercules Mulligan at his home for breakfast to publicly show the contribution Hercules made in the War for Independence.

The first batch of Hercules Mulligan contains just 2,000 coveted bottles and will be available exclusively via Flaviar.com for $38.00 750ml.

For more information visit herculesmulligancompany.com.

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