Paquera Mezcal Hones in on Vibrant Oaxacan Culture in Full Rebrand

Through the ebbs and flows of Covid-19, many craft spirit producers are having a difficult time maintaining demand with restaurants and bars closed throughout the country. Paquera decided at the beginning of Covid that it was time to represent what reflects its (Oaxacan cultures) true ethos and the beautiful story of mezcal.

Paquera Mezcal is an emerging brand based out of Los Angeles, California, that is growing throughout the United States. They produce three different mezcal expressions in 100% Espadin, 80% Espadin/20% Barril, and 100% Barril. Produced via CO-OP in San Miguel Ejutla located in the beautiful state of Oaxaca, Paquera is an award-winning mezcal that was created from a methodology perfected over generations of dedicated family artisans. From their sustainability initiatives to their contributions to the agricultural foundation of the CO-OP, the new visual presentation of the bottle pays homage to families that produce this artisanal spirit. “Traveling through the city of Ejutla, you see these beautiful hand-painted Mexican ceramic tiles throughout town. Each one tells a unique story with many of them paying respects to mezcal. It’s amazing to see and experience”, say’s Founder, Ben Zerbe. “We wanted to represent this experience and story with this rebrand”.

Paquera has also just released its new 200ml bottle in all three expressions. As mezcal grows in popularity, with up to 30 different agave varieties, offering small quantities starts a whole new conversation. Which type of mezcal do I like?

About Paquera Mezcal

Sustainability is vital when supporting mezcaleros in Ejutla, Mexico that grow, produce, and bottle Paquera Mezcal. Paquera’s mission and purpose is to contribute resources to the Union de Productores Agropecuarios del Distrito de Ejutla de Crespo (UPADEC) which is a coalition of palenques that work together to sustain and grow their micro-enterprises.

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