Avana Launches USDA Organic Certified Sparkling Canned Cocktail Line

Newport Beach, Calif. – Enjoy a summer like no other, with the soon-to-be launched line of organic canned cocktails from Avana Sparkling Cocktails. Available for pre-order on July 16 and fulfilled first of August, these tequila-based drinks are the first to be USDA certified organic, and with only 90 calories and 0 grams of sugar per can, Avana offers a more mindful and health-conscious alcoholic beverages, one that raises the bar in the ready-to-drink (RTD) category.

Founder and President, Brad Ledford, came up with the idea for Avana in the fall of 2019. The seltzer industry had just made its first big jump in the alcoholic beverage market and Ledford was, at the time, on the pre-med track at Chapman University. He was researching ethanol metabolism and during his research, found himself looking through alcoholic beverage market reports and projections, and noticed that there was no true answer for the health-conscious consumer’s demand in the industry. Thus, Avana Sparkling Cocktails was born.

Avana will launch with two flavors: The Margarita and The Paloma.

  • The Margarita: gluten free/vegan; contains organic fruit juices. The rest of The Margarita is made up of reverse osmosis water, Organic Blanco Tequila, and light all-natural organic lime flavors to keep the beverage as light and mindful as possible. The Margarita is light but still full of flavor. The flavor carries a true lime and traditional margarita taste that is not washed down like it has been in other canned seltzer/cocktail lines. It is light and refreshing and fairs on the sweeter side without losing the true margarita feel. 4.5% ABV; 90 calories
  • The Paloma: gluten free/vegan; contains organic fruit juice, mixed with organic Blanco Tequila, reverse osmosis water, and light, organic, all-natural grapefruit and yuzu flavors. The Paloma is also light yet flavorful. It has a great presence of grapefruit and yuzu that allows it to stand out from the other seltzer/cocktail lines. 4.5% ABV; 90 calories

Avana uses only certified organic suppliers and ingredients, crafting a completely organic, gluten-free product. The tequila is sourced from Jalisco, Mexico and both the distillery and all the fields from which the agave are picked have been thoroughly inspected by a USDA certifier from the United States. This organic, family-owned distillery is in the top 15 highest rated distilleries in the world, with sole ownership of their own organically grown agave fields in the surrounding mountains of Amatitan Jalisco. The piñas (hearts of the agave plant) are harvested by hand, and then brought to the distillery, where they are mixed and cooked for two full days in a brick and stone oven. The batch then undergoes a natural fermentation and a double distillation process. What is left from the sweet agave nectar is 100% organic blanco tequila, which is what goes into every Avana can.

With a brand name originating from the Spanish word Avanzar, meaning “to get moving, to advance”, Ledford and his team are not only advancing the standard for the entire sparkling cocktail category, but also hoping to motivate others to move towards the best version of themselves.

“My motivation has always come from inspiring those around me to be the absolute best version of themselves they can be,” says Ledford. “True passion stems from knowing that you can settle right where you are in life, yet choosing to pursue something greater, more refined, and more purposeful.” Avana’s co-founder, Austin Fisher, added, “With the Avana Sparkling Cocktail line, we are setting a new standard for health consciousness in the alcoholic beverage industry.”

Avana is currently available for pre-order directly from their website, so those who purchase their product online before July 29th will receive it in time to participate in their official launch this August.  Their vodka-based line of products will be available this winter, so early adopters and fans will have something new to look forward to quite soon.


Avana Sparkling Cocktails are a product of VitalBev, Inc., founded by Brad Ledford and Austin Fisher. The first to be USDA certified organic, Avana Sparkling Cocktails offers a more mindful and health-conscious alcoholic beverage option, one that raises the bar in the ready-to-drink (RTD) category. Currently, the product line includes tequila-based canned cocktails, The Margarita and The Paloma. Ordering is available via their website drinkavana.com.

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