Cooper Spirits Announces “Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned” In Partnership with Intelligentsia Coffee,

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.  The Cooper Spirits Co., an independent producer of innovative, integrity-driven spirits, announced “Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned,” the first-ever expansion of its iconic Slow & Low brand. The new expression, rolling out nationally this fall, is inspired by Café Brûlot, the classic coffee drink from New Orleans, where the Slow & Low brand first launched. It is produced in partnership with Intelligentsia Coffee, a specialty coffee pioneer, and is the first bottled coffee cocktail that uses real, expertly brewed coffee from this renowned roaster.

Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned (SRP: $26.99, ABV: 40%, 750ml) contains a blend of straight rye whiskey aged two years; Intelligentsia Cold Coffee made from a blend of coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Peru; raw honey; demerara cane sugar; aromatic bitters and orange peel.

Consistently Anticipating Drinking Trends

Slow & Low is produced by The Cooper Spirits Company, which was founded by the late Robert J. Cooper, a third-generation distiller, and is now led by his widow, Katie Cooper, who is carrying on his visionary legacy. The original expression, an ode to America’s first bottled Old-Fashioned, anticipated today’s popularity of rye and bottled cocktails by almost a decade, and the new coffee version leverages the current soaring popularity of the Espresso Martini and other coffee cocktails.

60 Iterations to Find the Optimal Balance

The development of Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned was spearheaded by Chad Solomon, the company’s Director of Trade Advocacy and Innovation. Solomon was also directly involved in the creation of the original Slow & Low. It took about 60 iterations of Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned to achieve the optimal balance between the ingredients and reach the sensory targets for aroma and mouthfeel.

“Slow & Low is more than a bottled cocktail, it’s a lifestyle, a complete mindset that celebrates a free spirit, the will to push boundaries and create new discoveries,” said Solomon. “This ethos is what led us to partner with Intelligentsia, an iconic player in the coffee industry. We were excited to collaborate with them, thereby innovating on both coffee culture and Slow & Low to bring a new version of the classic coffee cocktail, Café Brûlot, to life. Bold, bright and brimming with baking spice, our Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned is made from a base of straight rye whiskey and thoughtfully sourced and extracted Intelligentsia Cold Coffee that is lightly sweetened with raw honey and demerara cane sugar, modified with aromatic bitters, and pointed up with navel orange peel. It clocks in at a muscular 80 proof and is devilishly delicious.”

“Cooper Spirits sought us out because of our coffee expertise. They genuinely cared about every ingredient that was going into this new launch,” said Bailey Manson, Innovation Manager, Intelligentsia Coffee, Inc. “In order to create a truly authentic coffee cocktail, Slow & Low spent a lot of time learning about how we think about coffee, how we approach it, what our sensory values are, and how we’ve approached other projects. We spent a great deal of time formulating and selecting the perfect coffee for this collaboration, as we didn’t want it to taste like generic roasted coffee. We’re excited to provide this unique and superior coffee cocktail experience for coffee and cocktail adorers to enjoy.”

Creating the Ideal Coffee Blend That “Thrives in the Cold”

Cooper Spirits and Intelligentsia Coffee reviewed a number of options to achieve the perfect coffee that would not only pair well with the base of the cocktail, but also be able to thrive in a cold format. Further, the coffee needed to provide a relatively blank canvas for the cocktail base to work off of, but also add its own positive nuance to contribute to the overall flavor profile of Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned.

A Marriage of Coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Peru

The team landed on Intelligentsia’s Cold Coffee blend, which always has a base of Washed Ethiopia from the company’s partners at METAD Agricultural Development PLC, and supplemented by coffee from Guatemala, produced by Rony Asencio at Finca Santa Ana, and Peru, produced by Origin Coffee Lab, during different points of the year due to seasonality. Intelligentsia works directly with these organizations and farmers, due to their commitment to quality, including avoiding synthetic fertilizers and only picking the coffee cherry at its peak of ripeness.

About The Cooper Spirits Co.

The Cooper Spirit Co., founded in 2006 by the late Robert J. Cooper, a third-generation distiller, is an independent producer of innovative, integrity-driven spirits. Katie Cooper, Rob’s widow, is carrying on his legacy. The company was founded with the introduction of St-Germain, an artisanal French liqueur made from fresh elderflower blossoms, heralded as one of the most influential cocktail components of the last decade by the New York Times. Cooper Spirits produces a portfolio of artisanal products, including Slow & Low Rock & Rye and Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned, both straight rye whiskey based bottled cocktails, Hochstadter’s Vatted Straight Rye Whiskey, the first rye whiskey to use the vatted designation; Lock, Stock & Barrel, one of the world’s finest and oldest expressions of 13 year, 16 year, 18 year, and 20 year straight rye whiskey; and Crème Yvette, a modern aperitif handcrafted in France and called for by name in vintage cocktail books dating back to 1890. The Cooper Spirits Co. is based in Newport Beach, CA. For more information, please visit

About Slow & Low

Slow & Low is more than a whiskey, more than a bottled cocktail; it is a state of being, a lifestyle. Rebellious and free spirited, Slow & Low takes the path less traveled for the reward of personal discovery. Slow & Low celebrates the journey and provides the “spirit” to roll wherever you go and share with whomever you are with. It is now available in two bottled and canned expressions, Slow & Low Rock & Rye and Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned. For more information on Hochstadter’s Slow & Low and the Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned, visit and on social media at @Drinkslowandlow.

About Intelligentsia Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee was founded by Doug Zell and Emily Mange in 1995, in the pursuit of a great tasting, freshly roasted cup of coffee. Fast forward 25 years, and Intelligentsia remains one of specialty coffee’s most pioneering and innovative companies. The Intelligentsia Direct Trade sourcing model has created opportunities for thousands of smallholder coffee farmers around the world and has been adopted by specialty coffee roasters everywhere. Known for their In-Season program and unique single-origin and rotating blends, Intelligentsia provides exclusive, remarkable coffees consumers won’t find anywhere else. Follow on social at @IntelligentsiaCoffee on Facebook and Instagram, and @Intelligentsia on Twitter. For more information, please visit

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