Colony Cocktails

by Imperial Revival LLC

Official Brand Overview

Wine-based craft cocktails in a can. Colony was born out of a quest to live richer more enchanted lives. We developed our cocktails to celebrate this exuberant pursuit of a pleasurable life and inspire others to join us on our journey to live a more vibrant and delicious existence. We infuse this spirit in all that we do. Colony Cocktails deliver the craft made bar cocktail experience. The Biarritz (10% ABV) is a classic sophisticated French 75. The Charleston (11.5% ABV) is aperitivo and bitter forward approach with a hint of spice that attracts whiskey and negroni lovers. The Tangier (11.5% ABV) is fruit forward balanced by rosemary and cardamom. It's called cocktail hour. Banish the boring. Enchant every day. Sip the stars.

Current product lineup