Miami Cocktail Co.

by Miami Cocktail Co.

Official Brand Overview

Handcrafted organic bottled cocktails using only the highest quality 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, additives, or preservatives. We are an organic, bottled craft cocktail company ?focused on handcrafting authentic wine and spirit-based drinks that hearken the days when taking the easy route was shunned. A time when using all-natural quality ingredients was the norm, not the exception. A time when "slow and steady" was the way to go. From our humble beginnings in a nondescript cinderblock building in the Wynwood area of Miami, we have slowly grown - one sip at a time - to ?offer our exceptional and authentic drinks in some of the finest, most recognized retail outlets in Florida. While we look forward to our national expansion in 2017, such growth will not come at the expense of our reputation for producing the best craft cocktails on the market. Our mission is to build the world’s leading craft cocktail company through our undying commitment to authenticity, quality and exceptional taste. We love our products and know that you will, too. Join us on a stroll down memory lane to when taking the time to do something right was the only way to do it.

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