Official Brand Overview

Tarnished Truth Distilling Company was founded by Andrew Yancey and Josh Canada. Both Andrew and Josh were born, raised, and still reside in Virginia Beach. In the great American south, whiskey is in our blood. It's an inevitable infusion. We began making it hundreds of years ago, and it's production has never stopped. (Although many have tried.) But the whiskey always was, and shall be. In Virginia Beach in the 20's, roaring as they were, limousines took the swells to places of drink and adventure, and many a man lost worldly goods and societal reputation under the intoxicating influences of a night on the town. The enjoyment was unabashed. But the party included everyone - judges, mob bosses, legends, dock workers, presidents, even white-gloved ladies, all knocking back their whiskey with varying degrees of gentility. At the Cavalier, of course, the whiskey helped cushion the patrons to the activities that happened behind closed doors, many of which are now of lore. But we shall continue distilling regardless. With skill and dedication and heart. Because the truth may be tarnished, but it's still truth.

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