by Toast

Official Brand Overview

Ultra Premium Vodka made with coconut water. 6x distilled, Gluten Free, Non-GMO. Toast Vodka was born in Miami, one of the trendiest (hottest) cities in the world, where the good life is always celebrated. The founders recognized the need for a clean tasting, organic vodka that would be synonymous with life’s celebrations. The founders recognized that vodka as a spirit was mainly thought of as a mixer and not a liquor such as scotch that could stand on its own to be enjoyed. After years of research and development, the perfect vodka was born. Toast Vodka is a refreshingly different ultra-premium vodka which is six times distilled and filtered using a proprietary process. Toast Vodka is the smoothest, cleanest vodkas ever produced and is perfectly served on the rocks or in a Toast Signature Cocktail.

Current product lineup