Califormulations, the Next Big Wave in Beverage Development, Expands its Capabilities Across Three Strategic Locations.

Since its launch back in 2016, the Califormulations platform of end-to-end beverage innovations has experienced steady growth and expansion. Because of the platform’s agile approach to innovation, emerging brands, startups, and established CPG companies have all found Califormulations to be an effective resource to address major market challenges. This agile approach is especially effective where speed to market is the major driver behind innovation, such as seasonal and Limited Time Offerings positioned to meet the need for instant gratification often seen in Gen-Y and Gen-Z consumers. Califormulations is the ideal platform to develop, test, pilot, and launch small scale, shelf-stable products.


Three Complementary Assets Across North America

Agile innovation is made possible by a collection of complementary assets, all designed for speed, flexibility and focus. Collectively, they represent the only modular suite of product innovation services that spans concept development, formulation, beverage design, ingredient sourcing, and packaging, all the way through to final shelf-ready product for test market or regional/national roll out.

Symrise Califormulations, the company’s beverage development center in Laguna Beach, California, features cutting-edge beverage laboratories that specialize in rapid prototyping of beverage products. The eclectic and artistic atmosphere of downtown Laguna Beach typifies the spirit of the Califormulations concept. It’s an environment rich in creativity and alive with energy, offering inspiration to both the Califormulations team and their customers. The facility, staffed by a team of dedicated beverage technologists, focuses on CBD, hydration, and functional beverages and utilizes important processing capabilities such as hot fill, cold fill, carbonation, homogenization and more. The technologists work with Symrise’s extensive portfolio of beverage flavors and technologies, which are the cornerstone of the company’s ability to turn small-scale concepts into large-scale market leaders.

Located in Teterboro, New Jersey, the Symrise NA team supports Califormulations with its world-class collection of flavors and ingredients, consumer insights, and taste preferences. As the North American affiliate of one of the largest flavor companies in the world, Symrise also provides recommendations and support to Califormulations customers on diverse services including regulatory, labeling declarations, nutrition data, shelf-life testing, and stability testing.

Califormulations LLC is a recent, expansive addition to the platform. Located in Columbus, Georgia, it features more than 100,000 square feet of flexible, multi-purpose space encompassing beverage development, bottling and shelf-ready packaging. This is designed to support end-to-end beverage innovation for customers, featuring R&D application and QA laboratories, scale up laboratories featuring various pilot equipment, office and team meeting space, client ideation areas, and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Capabilities include cold fill & hot fill, bag-in-box production, blending, pasteurization, canning, bottling (PET & glass), aseptic bag-in-box production, and distilled products production. Future capability enhancements include brewing capabilities, retort processing, and expansions to the canning and bottling capacity.


CBDs: The Next Wave of Beverage Formulation

With a strong foothold in the entrepreneurial hotspot of Southern California, the Laguna Beach facility excels at formulating all kinds of beverages, including products that feature cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids. The Laguna team offers industry bench marking expertise with these ingredients, providing beverage development for anyone with creative ideas for new product concepts utilizing Symrise’s industry leading masking and taste balancing solutions. In the past, entrepreneurs who are entering the market with CBD-infused products may have had some difficulty accessing the vast resources and expertise of the global leaders in the flavor industry because of regulatory concerns, restrictions on minimum flavor volumes or in some cases, a general lack of interest in working with start-ups. Fortunately for these creative innovators, that’s no longer the case. Symrise Califormulations is ready and able to assist beverage entrepreneurs with their projects, including those featuring CBDs.


Four Pillars of Innovation

The unique, agile approach to innovation that differentiates Califormulations is built on four strategic pillars, each supported at all three locations. External skills are provided via our activation ecosystem.


  • Insights and design: the S.E.E.D. (Symrise Experience and Engagement Design) Innovation Model builds powerful product ideas that are ready to win in the marketplace. S.E.E.D. is equal parts inspiration, facilitated collaboration, and real-time consumer feedback. This agile process generates, validates, and refines real-world ready ideas quickly and cost efficiently. It’s comprised of three steps: defining opportunities, exploring possibilities, and validating ideas.
  • Prototyping and development: once the concept is clear, the Califormulations team brings it to life, from the liquid to its packaging…and everything is scalable!
  • Production: typically, one of the biggest gaps in the market is small scale production. Califormulations was built to fill this void, covering everything from bench scale up to in-market test volumes of approximately 20,000 cases
  • Activation ecosystem: to make sure that in-market tests are conducted in the most appropriate regions, Califormulations partners with industry leader Beyond Brands. Their “growth hackers” make sure every product is marketed through the proper channels and gets the love and attention it deserves in traditional and social media



A Fresh Approach to Beverage Development

Califormulations gives beverage companies a single-source partner with the expertise required to help them bring their ideas to life with speed and agility. With a proven track record of success within the mainstream beverage categories, a portfolio of superlative flavors, cutting edge technologies and applications support, and a world-class production facility, Califormulations represents a revolutionary concept in beverage innovation.


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