Collagen – The Body’s Protein

Beverages are a convenient delivery system for important nutrients like protein. And #AmazingCollagen is an ideal protein for delivering efficacy for musculoskeletal conditions and for delivering production and product benefits to beverage producers. At the recent Natural Products Expo West / Engredea exhibit, collagen was recognized as the hottest ingredient by Nutrition Business Journal.

The role of collagen in beverage concepts

As collagen is the most abundant protein found in humans and collagen peptides effectively support metabolic turnover, they are an ideal source of protein for maintaining the health of the body’s connective tissue, bones, joints, skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons. These scientifically proven nutritional and physiological advantages have been demonstrated in numerous clinical studies and trials.

Beyond the key criteria of being tasty, healthy and natural, formulators and marketers consider several key aspects when developing and marketing functional beverages, particularly when targeting different age groups. Ingredient solubility is paramount. Texture and mouthfeel are also critical. And, finally, as the main purpose of a functional beverage is to provide the consumer with a health benefit, it is particularly important for product developers to use proven ingredients with scientifically substantiated efficacy.

Positioning and collagen peptide selection

Efficacious collagen peptides deliver the requirements for the development of tasty beverages with high consumer appeal. With technological properties such as high solubility, heat and acid stability, low viscosity and no precipitation or clumping, they also offer fast absorption and high bioactivity. GELITA manufactures these collagen peptides according to precise enzymatic hydrolysis process, resulting in consistently high quality products that are fat- and cholesterol- free.

Collagen peptides are non-allergenic and are not artificial, making them ideal for the development of clean label products. Collagen peptides produce clear solutions, are practically neutral in taste and can be used in combination with minerals, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients to develop beverages with specific properties for particular needs and target groups. Not all collagen peptides are created equally. Discover the differences!

The younger generation

As teenagers become more aware of their own physiology, they often turn to sports and higher levels of physical activity.

Here, lifestyle or sports drinks can play a key role. Being easily absorbed by the body, highly bioavailable and purine-free, specific collagen peptides (BODYBALANCE®) actively influence body composition, support body toning and help to increase muscle mass while decreasing fat mass. Gym sessions become more effective leading to quicker, more pronounced results.

Throughout adulthood

As we start to show the first signs of aging between 35-40 years old, aches and pains creep in and wrinkles begin to appear. Here, we become more health aware and self-conscious, as we juggle the many lifestyle issues of healthy nutrition, physical activity and finding balance. From fortified breakfast drinks to beauty waters, collagen peptides allow for the production of tailored beverage concepts that fulfill the demanding requirements of this target group in a convenient way.

VERISOL® was specifically developed for the optimal stimulation of dermal fibroblasts, resulting in wrinkle reduction and increased skin elasticity. As we age, the skin suffers from a progressive loss of moisture. VERISOL® can slow this process and significantly improve the skin’s moisture content, reducing wrinkle formation and improving skin elasticity.

Silver supplementers

The world will soon have more elderly people than children, and more people living into older ages than ever before. As we age, consuming sufficient quantities of protein each day is very important. A recently published study has confirmed that regular exercise in combination with a supplement of 15 g/day of BODYBALANCE® is highly effective in fighting sarcopenia (age-related loss of muscle mass and muscle performance). Owing to their technological properties, these Bioactive Collagen Peptides® can easily be contained in a tasty, natural beverage for post-exercise consumption.


The intake of sufficient quantities of water each day is crucial for health and physical well-being. Additionally, as a result of hectic lifestyles, there is an increasing demand for supplementary nutrients that help to maintain healthy and balanced nutrition. Beverage developers are becoming progressively aware of the importance of certain proteins. One of the most interesting and versatile proteins is collagen. Scientifically proven collagen peptides have positive effects on every collagen-containing part of the human body. As such, beverages fortified with collagen peptides are perfect vehicles for delivering a variety of natural health benefits. Offering excellent technological properties, they are easy to formulate and allow the development of clear and tasty liquids for all kinds of beverages and various types of consumers.

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