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Ambro Relax

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Last Updated: 9/8/2010 11:07 AM

Flavored with what is described as a “strawberry mango” flavor, Ambro should be familiar to anyone who has consumed an energy drink in recent times. The tart but slightly tropical and sour fruit flavor is something that has most definitely been used in beverages in the energy drink category. It's sweetened with a blend of sugar and sucralose, which keeps the calories at only 40 but imparts a light amount of sweetener aftertaste. Plus, the addition of vitamins (B6, B12) and herbal ingredients (valerian root, passionflower extract, chamomile) gives the product a familiar bite. But this product is not an energy drink, but a relaxation drink, with the herbal ingredients and added melatonin there to provide the drink’s function. Both of these ingredients (melatonin and valerian root) are used in sleep aids, but the contents in this can (2.5mg and 100mg, respectively) are lower than what you’d find in standalone supplements. Of course, the drink’s ability to perform is certainly something that will vary by consumer. On the outside, we like, for the most part, what they’ve done with the look of the can. Rather than go for something that’s loud or in-your-face, they’ve come up with something that’s clean and goes with the relaxation theme of the product. The name, which is presumably short for ambrosia, seems fine, aside from a slightly technical vibe. One thing that we would change is the labeling on the front panel, which could probably have additional language to call out the fact that this is a relaxation drink that can potentially cause drowsiness. Also, if we’re picking nits, the side of the can describes using the product on a coast to coast flight, which is something that can’t actually be done due to liquid restrictions. Overall, however, an above average relaxation drink.


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