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Last Updated: 7/6/2010 10:48 AM

Using 10 percent juice, including strawberry and pomegranate, Bai Tanzania Strawberry variety is very enjoyable. The mixture, which includes coffee fruit extract and white tea extract, makes for something that has big fruit flavor (you can definitely taste the pomegranate and strawberry) with a slight note of coffee fruit at the finish. It all goes quite well together, with the tartness of the fruit flavors offering some nice balance to the coffee fruit flavor. Honestly, the only thing that we were slightly surprised about was the absence of the word “pomegranate” on the label. Typically, brand marketers will jump at any opportunity to get this highly marketable flavor on their products. Functionally, the product’s 3,000 ORAC units (antioxidants) are certainly a big plus, but we think that consumer education on the coffee fruit is definitely going to be needed as some consumers will likely think that the product contains coffee. Packaging is clean and appealing, with the vibrant image of a strawberry helping to whet the appetite. We also still don'’t see the point of adding the country association to the product. Tanzania certainly doesn’'t mean a whole lot to the average US consumer. Overall, this is a product that'’s likely to be purchased as a juice product rather than a functional product, but, fortunately for Bai, this is an area where the product really excels. Definitely a solid entry into the juice drink category.


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