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Last Updated: 1/21/2008 3:44 PM

As far as energy drink introductions go, Bing is one of the more uniquely formulated entries that we've seen in recent times. Using 5% dark cherry juice as its base flavor, Bing manages to hide a good portion of the energy and sweetener additives (sucralose and ace-k) used in the drink. The result is a superb cherry tasting energy drink that has only 40 calories per can while still managing to deliver 120 mg of caffeine. Packaging is relatively clean, but, as with many energy drinks, the front panel has too much text on it. Otherwise, it's a pretty simple, innocuous design that could have mainstream appeal. Really though, it's the cherry flavor and the low calorie count that will lure in the consumers, assuming the company can continue to get the word out there. Overall, excellent taste that's hidden inside of an average looking package.


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12 oz can

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Beta Glucan Acai Flax Seed Guarana Ginseng Ginko Biloba Pure Cane Sugar Vitamin C [100% RDA] 5 B-Vitamins Taurine Caffeine [120mg] Real Black Bing Cherries

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