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Last Updated: 10/5/2009 1:21 PM

The final flavor of Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost that we sampled was this one, a mixture of their Original Ginger Ale and pomegranate puree. While it’s a nice flavor, it’s hard to pick this one over the other two, since the simplicity of the Original and the uniqueness of the Jasmine Tea variety are more appealing to us. Still, they’ve done a really nice job executing this product, with the pomegranate hiding from your tongue until the drink’s finish. There, it really only appears as an accent flavor, softening the punch that’s added by the fresh peeled ginger. On the outside, the branding definitely sends the message that there is a high quality beverage waiting on the inside. However, like the other flavored offering, putting the flavor name on the neck makes for a disjointed looking offering. Otherwise, we wouldn’t change a thing. Overall, a very enjoyable product.


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12 oz bottle

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