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Last Updated: 7/2/2010 2:34 PM

Pairing mint and berry flavorings seems like a pretty good concept and, fortunately for Metromint, the execution is quite good. Like their other flavors, this is an unsweetened product, which allows the cooling sensation of the mint to take center stage. The berry flavor is good, adding a mellow amount of fruit flavor to the body and finish of the drink. And really, that’s it – the flavor is quite simple and straight forward. For the product’s packaging, Metromint is sticking with what they know, namely a slim 16.9 oz. bottle and a polka dot design. In this case, the dots are pink, which offers some nice contrast to the other colors that are a part of the Metromint brand. They’ve also introduced a charitable aspect, with 10 percent of the profits from this flavor going to support San Francisco area (where Soma Beverage is located) charities. Overall, we like the flavor and packaging quite a bit (and we applaud their charitable efforts), but this doesn’t seem like a game changer for this brand. Still, a very worthy product if you like Metromint’s other flavors.


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16.9 oz PET

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