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If you've ever had a beverage flavored with hibiscus, such as Jamaica, the popular Latin American drink, the floral flavor of Ooba will taste quite familiar and pleasing to you. It's a sweet, refreshing taste that's been given a medium level of carbonation and sweetened with sugar. This variety does not include any added flavors mix, leaving it with the pure taste of hibiscus. The resulting flavor is still our favorite flavor of the Ooba lineup. Combining the product's naturally high level of antioxidants with its natural ingredients means the drink has what it takes from a technical point of view to play in this category. Then there's the packaging. Like it's initial rendition, the product uses a proprietary bottle, albeit a plastic one, that's been given a distinctive shape and an attractive label. They've cleaned things up since our first look, with an easier to read front panel and much improved application of the label. Overall, a much improved beverage.


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Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


16 fl oz

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