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Last Updated: 6/3/2011 4:38 PM

The Republic of Tea - Sweet Black Tea is a zero calorie tea comprised of only two ingredients, organic tea and Stevia leaves. The tea produces a nice "freshly brewed" black tea aroma upon opening which is inviting and pleasant. However, upon first sip, a strong blast of Stevia dismisses any mellow tea flavor. Furthermore, the sweetener taste sticks around a little too long making for a rather unpleasant finish. The tea is bottled in a proprietary 16.9 oz. glass bottle, which, like The Republic of Tea's other bottled teas, is unique in shape and stands much taller than typical 16.9 oz. packaging. The size along with the clean and simple label make for a rather striking package that will most definitely stand out from other RTD iced teas. However, it's not instantly obvious that it's a stevia sweetened product. Ultimately, it is a very nice looking product that's true to the high standards set by the rest of their line. But fixing the balance of tea and stevia would definitely make this a much better product.


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