Essentia Announces New Packaging for Multi-Packs

Premium alkaline water brand Essentia is launching new packaging designs for its multi-packs, a move the company is framing as the next phase in its brand evolution efforts.

The new packaging, which will begin rolling out to retailers in major markets by early December, showcases the new logo and integrated marketing campaign that Essentia first revealed in May. The new all-black wraps on 12-packs of Essentia prominently feature the redesigned “E+” logo and include callouts to the company’s brand manifesto. They also promote information about a scientific study that concluded Essentia, an ionized alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 or higher, was almost twice as effective at rehydrating adults who consumed it after a period of exercise-induced dehydration.

Packaging for individual bottles of Essentia will remain the same.

In a press release, Tahne Davis, director of brand development and visual merchandising at Essentia, said the packaging “highlights our bold, impactful and aspirational brand.”

Speaking with BevNET, VP of marketing and brand innovation Karyn Abrahamson said it was “a huge opportunity to play up the brand look and feel.”

“With this new package launch, it’s really bringing that whole identity evolution and brand messaging to life through product packaging that our consumers will see at retail,” she said. “My focus was really bringing our packaging into the fold with the campaign we launched in May, but make the packaging work much harder for us than it already was.”

Kazumi Mechling, senior director of corporate communications, said the company was looking forward to seeing how retailers will use the new multi-pack packaging to make creative in-store displays for product. However, Abrahamson added that the revamped packs are designed to increase the brand’s presence on-shelf and on the retail floor across all retail channels.

“This is just taking it to a whole new level because we are bringing brand personality on packaging,” she said. “We are talking about what we stand for as far as our manifesto and what we want to do for people, which is be the best versions of themselves.”

Abrahamson said the company will continue to build out the new brand campaign, which is aimed at positioning Essentia as the preferred premium water for millennial “overachievers” aged 18 to 34, in various ways over the coming months. Thus far, Essentia has focused on developing marketing initiatives tied to the brand’s revamped identity in key markets including Los Angeles, New York City and Portland, Ore.

“It’s so meaningful for us that the brand has really connected with our consumers and we want to have an authentic relationship with them,” Abrahamson said. “It’s not about just marketing for marketing’s sake. It’s about creating a brand look and feel and message that are true to what this brand is.”