Martín Caballero

Martín Caballero

Managing Editor, BevNET

Martín writes news articles and feature stories covering the non-alcoholic beverage industry for BevNET. A graduate of Boston University, Martín's previous work has appeared in USA Today, The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald.

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Goldman: Coke Q3 Performance Encouraging

The Coca-Cola Company’s performance in Q3 has left Goldman Sachs Equity Research analysts encouraged by what they saw, with better-than-expected organic sales growth indicating a path to recovery in the months ahead.

Propel Immune Support Launch Kicks Off Year of Innovation for Brand

Now on the cusp of its 20th anniversary, Propel is preparing for its biggest year of innovation thus far. First up is the launch of Propel Immune Support, a two-SKU line of flavored waters that contain 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C and at least 30% of the daily value of zinc in each 20 oz. PET bottle.

Proper Wild Raises $3M Funding Round Ahead of C-Store Launch

The New York City-based brand, which markets a three-SKU line of natural energy shots featuring caffeine from green tea, is set to enter 12,000 c-store locations in Florida via DSD distribution over the course of the next six months, starting with a launch in 1,000 stores in November.

Coke To Discontinue Tab In Next Round of SKU Cuts

Sugar-free soda Tab, the first diet cola released by The Coca-Cola Company, is the latest brand to be discontinued as part of the company’s ongoing purge of underperforming ‘zombie’ brands.

Survey: C-Stores See Boost in Baskets As Traffic Drops

Convenience store retailers are optimistic that beverage sales will continue to increase despite traffic pressures, according to the latest “Beverage Bytes” survey by Goldman Sachs Equity Research.

Sports Hydration Brand Thirty Drink Pivots to Cans

Cincinnati-based Thirty Drink is making the shift from 12 oz. PET bottles to slim cans, with the shift expected to take effect on retail shelves starting January 2021.

SPINS: Kombucha Grows in MULO, Declines in Natural

In an interview with BevNET, Perteet Spence, VP of Strategic Solutions at SPINS, discussed the current state of the kombucha industry, including how multi-serve bottles and shelf-stable formats are influencing growth, how flavors are diversifying across channels and the rise of the alcoholic kombucha category.

Nielsen: Non-Alcoholic Beverage Slows Post-Labor Day

Major beverage corporations continued to report growth despite a slight decrease in total non-alcoholic beverage sales over the last two weeks, according to a Goldman Sachs Equity Research analysis of Nielsen sales data through Sept. 19.

Iconic Protein Completes Shift to Zero Added Sugar Formulation

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based protein drink and powder brand, founded in 2011, is set to complete its shift to exclusively offering no sugar added products by the end of this year, as the company has shared details of its reformulated flagship line.

Suja Finds Growth Via D2C, Category Momentum

The California-based cold-pressed juice maker’s strong performance over the course of the last 12 months — dollar sales of its refrigerated organic fruit drinks across MULO plus-convenience were up 517% to $18.6 million through August 18, according to IRI — is a welcome sign for both the Coca-Cola owned brand and the cold pressed juice category as a whole.