Martín Caballero

Martín Caballero

Managing Editor, BevNET

Martín writes news articles and feature stories covering the non-alcoholic beverage industry for BevNET. A graduate of Boston University, Martín's previous work has appeared in USA Today, The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald.

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Help Yourself: Vending Tech Aims to Solve Keg Cold Brew’s Cost Issues

Arlington, Va.-based Commonwealth Joe, which roasts, brews and provides kegs of cold brew to clients on the East Coast, is one of several partners across the country working with Smart Beverages Technologies (SBT) as a provider of the company’s Kegerator Vending Machines (KVM), an innovative self-serve concept that aims to address one of the major hurdles to cold brew providers.

Hälsa Drinkable Yogurts Aim for Plant-Based “Next Level”

With the proliferation of brands entering the oat-based category, establishing a point of difference can be difficult -- but oat-based drinkable yogurt maker Hälsa (formerly Simpli) is aiming to create space for itself by highlighting its nutritional content and ultra-clean production process.

Monster vs. VPX: Dutch Court Case Results in Partial Judgement

According to documents from Amsterdam District Court in The Netherlands shared by Monster last night, the energy drink maker’s Dublin-based European subsidiary, Monster Energy Limited, has received a partial judgement in its complaint against Bang B.V., which markets and sells VPX’s Bang energy drink in Holland.

KDP: Headwinds From Allied Brands Blunt Solid Q1

Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) reported a net sales increase of 2.5% for the first quarter of 2019, remaining on track to hit its long-term growth targets despite taking a hit in packaged beverages. All four segments of KDP’s business — Packaged beverages, Beverage Concentrates, Latin American Beverage and Coffee Systems — registered an increase in underlying net sales.

Cannabis Shot Startup K-Zen Lands $5M in Seed Funding

Underscoring the momentum behind the nascent cannabis beverage category, San Francisco-based startup K-Zen Beverages yesterday announced it has secured $5 million in seed funding from venture capital group DCM prior to its projected launch this summer.

SPINS: Kombucha Sales Growth, Velocity Slow as MULO Share Expands

Having reviewed the data and discussed the conclusions, here are our three biggest takeaways from SPINS’s kombucha market performance analysis, as presented by Bobbi Leahy, Director of Sales at market research group SPINS, during Kombucha Brewers International's (KBI) KombuchaKon 2019 on April 19 in Long Beach, Calif.

Hapi Drinks Lands PepsiCo Greenhouse Grant

PepsiCo concluded the inaugural edition of its North American Nutrition Greenhouse accelerator program this week, naming Austin, Texas-based Hapi Drinks as the final recipient of a $100,000 grant from the soda giant.

Sensing Momentum, Bitters Brands Seize Moment to Enter RTD Space

Presented with the opportunity to expand their platforms with products that align with a variety of current trends, the likes of Hella Cocktail Co. and Bitter Love are working to establish sparkling bitters as a new segment of the RTD market.

Soda Tax Update: California Bill Collapses, ABA Attacks Philly Mayor

In this update or recent news around taxes on sugar sweetened drinks, legislative efforts in California to introduce a two cents per fluid ounce tax on sodas and sugar-sweetened drinks have been put on hold until next year, while the American Beverage Association targets Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney with a new round of negative ads.

BevNET Magazine Feature: Alkaline Water Evolves

As legacy brands evolve and new ones emerge, consumers’ understanding of alkalinity as both a functional component and a connotation of premium quality in water is changing as well.

PepsiCo Launches “Connected Hydration Platform” for Foodservice

Billed as the next step in the company’s efforts to reduce its PET bottle footprint, PepsiCo today announced the launch of a new internet-connected water cooler system which will debut in June in select workplaces, universities, and hospitality partners.