Martín Caballero

Martín Caballero

Managing Editor, BevNET

Martín writes news articles and feature stories covering the non-alcoholic beverage industry for BevNET. A graduate of Boston University, Martín's previous work has appeared in USA Today, The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald.

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BODYARMOR: Innovation Fueling Ambitions to Hit $5B Sales Target

Having passed the $1 billion mark, BODYARMOR is aiming to leverage its combination of distribution muscle, marketing prowess and on-trend products to push the brand towards more ambitious targets, including doubling the business over the next three years.

DRY Aims to Build ‘Zero-Proof’ Story with Bitters & Soda Launch

For the last 16 years and counting, the Washington-based company has been offering a wide range of fruit and botanical flavored, premium, carbonated soft drinks. But relative to its bigger goals, the brand’s latest innovation — a three-SKU line of bitters & soda in 8.45 oz. glass bottles — represents more than just another choice for consumers on the shelf.

Target Commits Over $2B To Support Black-owned Businesses

Target is committing over $2 billion towards supporting Black-owned businesses through the end of 2025, the retailer announced today, as part of a broader effort to use its “size, scale and resources to create opportunity” for those companies.

Profile: Waterbird Spirits RTD Cocktails Take Flight

Since launching, the Charlottesville, Virginia-based company has expanded its offerings from vodka to tequila-based drinks, and from three to 30 states, aligning itself with distributors such as Columbia and Gold Coast Beverage.

ZenWTR Reveals Roster of Celebrity Investors

Marking its unofficial transition from soft launch into wide release, Zen WTR has revealed its slate of celebrity investors ahead of a retail push that aspires to take the brand into 50,000 locations by the end of the year.

In the Mood: Recess Expands Relaxation Platform with New Drink, Powder

Recess Mood takes the New York-based brand into a different state of mind. While the flagship product offered a sense of “calm, cool and collected” through a combination of hemp extract and adaptogenic herbs, Mood is positioned as a caffeine and CBD-free “uplift” delivered via a proprietary blend of magnesium L-theorate.

Enroot Debuts Culinary-Inspired Sparkling Tea Line

Backed by an Oscar-winning actor and one of most country’s most prestigious culinary organizations, organic sparkling tea line Enroot has enjoyed plenty of pre-launch buzz prior to its formal debut online and in stores on Thursday.

More to Love: Ito En Debuts Matcha-Based Energy Extension

In extending into the broader energy space with the introduction of a new three-SKU Matcha Love line this month, the company is seeking to strengthen its credentials with the younger, wellness-minded demographic that has fueled the brand’s growth thus far.

Reed’s: Q4 2020 Boosts Outlook for Continued Growth

Volume gains and reduced discounting helped craft soda maker Reed’s report a nearly 50% increase in net sales during Q4 2020, according to an earnings report released by the company yesterday.

Report: Variety, Value Fuels Optimism for U.S. Cannabis Bevs

Although growth has been slower than some have predicted, the U.S. cannabis beverage market is gathering steam as consumer trial rates and basket penetration increase, according to a recent study by market research group Headset.

Ugly Finds Spark in Soda Ahead of Retail Push

Ugly announced today that the four most-popular flavors from the past year of special releases — Cherry Cola, Dr. Ugly, Orange Soda and Fruit Punch — will be the tip of the spear for a deeper push into brick-and-mortar retail, highlighted by its launch in over 6,400 CVS stores this May.