Barry Nathanson

Barry Nathanson

Publisher, BevNET Magazine

A 30-year publishing executive, Barry Nathanson has worked as publisher and group publisher in a myriad of markets including cosmetics and fragrance, consumer electronics, food and beverage marketing, non-foods merchandising and convenience store retailing. A graduate of Boston University, Barry has spent the last 22 years in the beverage retailing arena, and his experience has allowed him to serve as a resource to marketers, retailers and distributors, who recognize that his expertise and relationships, as well as his enthusiasm, lend him a unique perspective on their marketplace.

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A Few Doubles Will Do

This is the time of year that, as the “Boys of Summer” return to Florida for Spring Training, I get to think about my favorite things: the Yankees, and my annual baseball analogy column. I just love the chance to compare the comings and goings of the sport I love to the action in the business I love. This year, I’m going to play the grizzled vet, dispensing lore and wisdom to a group of eager rookies wondering how they’ll break into the lineup.

Characters Welcome

It’s a daily ritual, perusing the comments on BevNET.  Recently, however, I spotted one item that brought me back to my early days covering the marketplace.  I don’t even remember…