How to Really Move Product

Here are a couple of things that always seem to make a summertime move go much easier:

1) Throwing out as much as possible, as far in advance as possible, and then doing so again.

2) Hiring movers.

3) Having lots of beverages around for said movers.

So here’s what we’ve been giving these guys. To keep them hydrated, lots of gallon jugs of Poland Spring water, the local Nestle Waters brand, and plenty of Blue Sky’s Blue Sport, a case of which arrived at the BevNET offices recently and has been largely untouched, as we hate to sweat.

But to keep the half-ton of movers charged up and moving, I’ve basically been using them as dispose-alls for a few of the random piles of energy drinks we’ve got lying around the office. What do they like best?

Well, they’re really throwing back Derby NRG. That’s surprising in that it’s a new brand that, by virtue of the fact that it comes in opaque black and silver Liter-sized bottles, seems largely aimed at the on-premise industry.

Of course, when you’re Carlos, a mover roughly the 125 percent of the size of David Ortiz, as one of our guys is, having a little slim can in your hand just doesn’t feel right. As a result, the dude has been happily chugging the Derby for the past 24 hours.

He told me this morning, as I ran in to work to resupply, “Bring back more of the black stuff.”

Carlos, if it gets that sleeper sofa off the third floor any faster, I’ll bring you all the black stuff you need. Meanwhile, as Monster, Rockstar, and BooKoo continue to increase their can sizes, I’ve got a suggestion for them: see if they can pass the mover test.