Liquid Television

Long one of the biggest advertisers on television, the beverage industry is now trying to go for feature-length programming. A pair of behind-the-scenes “reality shows” are being shopped to American television networks — including one that has already been greenlighted by MTV — that center on real beverage companies.

One centers on a nascent, LA-based energy drink and the group of homeboys who are attempting to launch it. Created by professional party-thrower Greg Carney, who, according to Hollywood fan sites, is best known for dating – and even being photographed with – actress/singer/sister Haylie Duff, and Britney Spears choreographer Kevin Tancharoen, the show is tentatively titled “twentyfourseven.”

One of the producers, Ken Mok, is the executive producer of “America’s Top Model,” which means the brand should have plenty of access to the spokesmodels necessary for beverage convention displays.

Meanwhile, Clearly Canadian, a brand that has begun to once again show a pulse in some stores on both sides of the border, recently began pitching a show that would display the brand’s turnaround. Brent Lokash, the dynamic new CEO/turnaround specialist who is now running the show at CC, has modeled it on a popular Canadian show called “Venture.” The key to the show? The excellent access Lokash is prepared to grant filmmakers.

Obviously, they’ve never seen the documentary “startup dot-com.”

Clearly is trying to make other news, and recently signed another turnaround expert, the wizardly Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash, as a spokesman. When I asked him if he planned to appear on the show, Nash just gave a succinct “No.”

So much for giving your heart and soul to a brand. Too bad, because it would seem current generations of MTV — or, in the case of Clearly Canadian, VH1 — viewers would certainly seem ripe for an energy drink to call their own.

On the other hand, we’ve always found that half the fun of reality shows is rooting for the characters to fail.