Jones Perspiration Soda — Worst Tasting Soda Ever

Given the amazing brand power of the NFL, the Jones Seattle Seahawks Collector’s Pack is the best of Jones’ collector’s packs to date.  It’s a good way to take advantage of their landmark deal with this NFL club….Plus, I ‘m glad to see that they’ve evolved beyond the Holiday packs.

Of course, these products aren’t designed for drinking* (hence the “collector’s” part of the name) and the flavors sound downright awful (which probably enhances their value as a collectable)….Sports Cream, Dirt, Natural Field Turf, Sweet Victory, and Perspiration.

Having tried all of the previous Jones Holiday flavors, it seemed appropriate to open these and have a sampling in our office…After all, I can’t remember a soda named after a bodily fluid.

perspiration.jpgMost of the flavors are pretty innocuous.  Dirt and Natural Field Turf have mild unsweetened flavors that are rather bland.  Sweet Victory and Sports Cream are cotton candy and wintergreen flavored sodas, respectively, and are actually some of Jones’ better flavors.  Then, there’s Perspiration.  Words cannot even describe how foul this product smells or tastes.  Plus, you’re bound to think about “perspiration” while putting this product to your lips.  It’s downright nauseating.

So, Jones, I officially give Perspiration soda the award for “Worst Tasting Soda Ever.”   Hopefully, you’ll hold this title for a long time because I don’t think we’ll stay in this business if we have to drink something like that again.

If you want to order one:

* This post is not designed to be a serious taste test :)