My Lips are Sealed

Pepsi has found a New Place to Use Flavors: Lip Care

The beverage industry has always been a place where crossover marketing is used, but this one just makes me scratch my head: Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil. When I first picked up the package, I thought it made some sense…boost the brand image of Aquafina’s hydration attributes by making something that helps avoid chapped lips! Jones Soda has done it with lip gloss, too.

But here’s the problem: Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil is like rubbing soda on your lips. The stuff has flavor, sure, but it’s not a good flavor. Plus, it didn’t hydrate my lips. It did, however, make me run to the bathroom and grab my Listerine (not a Pepsi product).

My rating: 0.5 stars.