Perhaps the name should be "Flatline"

Energy Drink/Workout product Redline is causing a bit of a stir out in Sacramento, as there were 10 cases of “Redline intoxication calls” to the poison control center over a two-year period.

Yesterday, a construction worker told the Sacramento Bee he’d thought he was about to die after drinking two super strong — 250 mg of caffeine in an 8 oz. bottle — Redlines and eating a burrito.

According to the story, the bottles come with a warning label that is “unreadable” even with a magnifying glass. We just looked at the label, and, while we could read it without any kind of magnification, we couldn’t find anything about burritos.

Nevertheless, we are a bit concerned about this development. That’s a lot of caffeine to pack into a product, and Redline adds some other stuff to make workouts more efficient. We wonder if a voluntary cap limit on caffeine for energy drinks — say, 200 mg for an 8-oz can, or two cups of strong coffee — might make sense and take some of the heat off the stove.

What do you think? Should there be a caffeine ceiling? And has anyone else ever thought “I can’t wait to have my redline with this burrito?”