Rockstar CEO's real estate bargain

Looking for a real estate deal? Talk to Rockstar Energy – or at least its CEO, Russell Weiner.

Maybe it’s due to the flagging housing market. Maybe it’s due to the distribution deal Rockstar distributor Coca-Cola signed with Monster, but, either way, Weiner is selling his California home for the low, low discount price of just under $3 million.

Okay, you’re probably not going to find that kind of change by returning soda cans, but the Los Angeles Times reports that that price tag for the elevator-equipped 4,414-square-foot home just above the Sunset Strip fell by $2 million.

Interesting that his “must sell” price appeared only weeks after Coca-Cola announced its deal with Monster, but Weiner’s misfortune could be your gain.

If you’re the lucky millionaire bidder, you’ll get four bedrooms, four bathrooms, city views, a roof deck, a bridge to a pool and three fireplaces. If you’re real lucky, maybe Weiner will even throw in a palate of Rockstar.