Chasing Rabbits

by Chasing Rabbits, LLC.

Official Brand Overview

Chasing Rabbits® Natural Energy Beverage is the Non-GMO, Natural Ingredient & Sustained-Energy Drink - Refreshing Life! (tm) In the day-and-age where consumers seek better taste and healthier ingredients in RTD or ready-to-drink beverage products, we formulated Chasing Rabbits® Natural Energy Beverage to be a moderate-60-calorie 'balanced and functional' non-GMO, natural-ingredient & sustained-energy drink, for the ‘New Age’ of healthy beverage consumers. We want to be socially responsible. After all, at our beverage company CHASING RABBITS® means the pursuit of personal achievement and physical well-being: We believe that we can make a difference in consumer's lives if we stay on purpose. We’ve applied that same inspiration and purpose to provide consumers with a healthy, wholesome, refreshing, and delicious Chasing Rabbits® Natural Energy Beverage. Our customers think of Chasing Rabbits® Natural Energy Beverage as a 'healthy-life-style' energy drink that is just as effective for refreshing the daily routine as it is for refueling the 'mind and body' before (or) after exercise or sports. Wouldn’t we all like to put a little more HOP in the step for our daily routine?

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