Defiance Fuel

by Defiance Brands

Official Brand Overview

42 years. That’s how long it took to research, design, and define what would ultimately become Defiance Fuel – a structured water that supports elite performance. Though everyone can benefit from better hydration, both Defiance Fuel and Defiance Sport, our newest innovation, were created to hydrate and fuel today’s top athletes in ways the industry has never seen before. Beginning with a base of ultra-purified water, Defiance Fuel is engineered to perfection by exposing a precise combination of minerals and electrolytes to electromagnetic fields and UV lights. Our process emulates and amplifies the subtle power of nature to create a structured water that is truly different. As we get older, both the water mobility (water flowing in and out of your cells) and intracellular water (water inside your cells) decrease. Defiance Fuel structured water mimics the way some natural waters positively affect these mechanisms without using harsh treatments like electrolysis (shocking the water with high voltage electricity). Ever feel bloated after drinking water? We hear that a lot from people – before they try Defiance Fuel, that is.

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