Fentimans Botanically Brewed Beverages

by Fentimans LTD

Official Brand Overview

In 1900 Thomas Fentiman was approached by a fellow tradesman for a loan - a deal was struck, as in those times an Englishman's word was his bond. All that was required was a hand-shake and some security - in this case a recipe for botanically brewed ginger beer. The loan was never repaid, and so Thomas Fentiman became the owner of a unique and rather original recipe for success. CURIOSITY COLA takes the Fentimans' range with Fearless (our canine hero), to FIVE. Our fame stems a growing critical aclaim - most recently, our GINGER BEER was voted Best Soft Drink of the New Year by the Independent. All our recipes are refreshingly unique, call us old-fashioned, but we still start the GINGER BEER making process with GINGER ! But Fentimans' is more than just lashings of Ginger Beer . Our latest addition is both Full Bodied & Curiously Invigorating, and revives the apothecarial roots of the first COLA's.

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