Official Brand Overview

As the quality of cocktails has skyrocketed, cocktail mixers haven't kept pace. Dominated by low quality offerings that show little regard for taste or enjoyment, the mixer market is defined by synthetic colors and cloying flavors, manufactured quinine, chlorinated water, and plastic packaging. Now, Fever-Tree, a line of premium all-natural mixers from the United Kingdom, has emerged from the mass of artificially sweetened and preserved mixers with a line of all-natural, luxury beverages. The full range of the company's natural beverages includes Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Club Soda, and Bitter Lemon, each retailing for $5.99/4-pack/200 ml bottles. The artisanally crafted line is produced in single serving, recyclable glass bottles ensuring freshness and fizz each time a bottle is opened. High carbonation aids in delivering subtle botanical aromas.

Current product lineup