Harmless Harvest: 100% Raw Coconut Water with Fair Trade Coffee

by Harmless Harvest

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Coffee Drinks, Juice: Coconut Water and Juice


8oz and 16oz

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Review: 100% Raw Coconut Water with Fair Trade Coffee

Posted: Mar 02, 2015 at 8:54 AM (Last Updated: Mar 02, 2015 at 5:36 PM)
Harmless Harvest’s foray into coffee-flavored coconut water is this product, a two-ingredient blend of high pressure processed (HPP) coconut water and organic and Fair Trade coffee extract. The package, which features a black and white design that’s pretty much the inverse of a standard Harmless Harvest bottle, is striking and eye-grabbing. It’s a much cooler approach than, say, putting a coffee bean on the label. And, thanks to the black design, we doubt anyone will have a hard time figuring out what this flavor is. Inside, the product starts out with the same base of “100% Raw Coconut Water” that you’ll find in all Harmless Harvest coconut water products. It’s a taste that’s unmistakable and extremely enjoyable to consume. As for the coffee, it’s more than an accent flavor, but it’s not what we’d describe as overly strong. What’s unique about this product -- and could use a bit more of an explanation -- is that the a key ingredient, coffee, is widely known by consumers not to be raw (unlike, for example, cinnamon in Harmless Harvest's Cinnamon Clove variety). So, it might be somewhat confusing to see “100% Raw” ahead of a non-raw ingredient. Regardless, this is a really nice tasting combination, and we very much appreciate the flavor that the company has created without adding any dairy. It definitely feels as though this variety has bigger potential than any of Harmless Harvest's other flavored efforts to date. We’d say the same about the packaging, which, with its black background and white text, really pops compared to Harmless Harvest’s flagship design. This is a simple but effective way to call out the bolder flavor of this product without the need for a coffee bean or similar graphic. As a result, the product stays very true to the brand and has a sophisticated vibe to it. Overall, we really enjoyed this product and feel as though it will be a strong addition to the lineup and category.