Ibex Drinkable Yogurt: Ginger Probiotic

by Skyland Foods

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Dairy: Smoothie and Shakes


8oz Plastic

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Review: Ginger Probiotic

Posted: Nov 14, 2013 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Dec 02, 2013 at 4:53 PM)
This variety of IBEX drinkable yogurt not only has added flavoring, it also has added probiotics. As for the taste of the product, ginger is a very nice flavor to pair with the base yogurt flavor. The slight earthy spice helps counterbalance the naturally sour flavor that you get from yogurt, while the touch of added sweetness (17g of sugar per 8 oz. container) helps round things out. And as far as Ibex's flavor lineup is concerned, we found this one to be the best tasting of the bunch. As for the probiotic content, it's a nice value-add, but also one that seems somewhat expected from a yogurt product nowadays. The convention of paring flavor and function in each variety is slightly confusing to the point where the brand seems like it be better off if it just focused on probiotics (a widely accepted function of yogurt). From a design perspective, Ginger is also the best-looking product of the lineup. This is due in part to the more vibrant orange color making the text label easier to read than it is on the other flavors. Still, making the text a little heavier would certainly be helpful. Overall, IBEX’s Ginger variety is both the best tasting and best positioned flavor of the bunch.