Official Brand Overview

JOJO Energy Drink is a zero calorie, sugar free drink chock full of anti-oxidants, super-nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids. The drink comes in a 16.9oz sports bottle with our infusion cap where our formulation is held untill activation in which it infuses with 100% natural spring water. Our beverage comes in 6 great flavors; black cherry, super berry, orange sicle, mojito, citrus guava, and passion fruit mango. Our beverage also offers no crash. We are also the only beverage to have 25mg of cognizin which increases brain energy and improves mental focus and has been proven to decrease the desire to consume foods of high calories. The beverage also contains the amino acid 5-HTP which helps to raise serotonin levels. Our formulation does not contain any taurine, and only has natural caffeine. We have positioned ourselves as "Good Energy" and as a cross between a redbull and a vitamin water.

Current product lineup

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