KeVita Tonics: Turmeric Ginger (2014)

by KeVita, Inc.

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15.2oz glass

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Review: Turmeric Ginger (2014)

(Last Updated: Nov 10, 2014 at 11:09 AM)
Kevita’s Turmeric Ginger flavored Cleansing Probiotic Tonic is a hybrid beverage that blends an effervescent probiotic base with apple cider vinegar. From there, the company flavored the product with turmeric and ginger. The resulting product is loaded with flavor -- but not calories, thanks to the use of stevia. It starts out with a slightly fermented flavor and a note of the apple cider vinegar, but it quickly moves into a pretty strong note of turmeric. This is, at least in our opinion, a welcome flavor and one that does a nice job of smoothing out the fermented flavor and any after effects of the stevia. You can also taste the ginger, which adds some lingering spice to the finish. Ultimately, we think that Kevita's done a great job of crafting something that’s very flavorful and has marketable functionality and ingredients. Packaging is the same amber 15.2 oz. glass bottle that you’ll find used for all Kevita’s products. Unlike the company's kombucha, which got a completely fresh design, this line is more of an iteration of the company's core line. While we understand that approach (after all, the liquid is somewhat of an iteration, too), we would like it if they could reduce the amount of text that’s on the front of the label. As it stands right now, it’s just a bit too much. But honestly, it’s a pretty minor thing. Overall, we like both the timeliness and the execution of this product.