KeVita Tonics: Kale Lemon (2014)

by KeVita, Inc.

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15.2oz glass

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Review: Kale Lemon (2014)

(Last Updated: Nov 10, 2014 at 11:09 AM)
This variety of Kevita’s new Cleansing Probiotic Tonics line is our favorite -- albeit by a hair. Between the kale, the lemon, probiotics and apple cider vinegar, there are certainly a lot of things competing for your attention at a first glance of this product. But the liquid inside is quite good, especially when you consider the fact that it has only 40 calories per bottle. The first flavor that hits your palate is the slightly fermented flavor that’s at the base of all Kevita drinks. From there, you get a quick note of sweetness and apple cider vinegar. After that, you finally get to the kale and lemon flavors. Looking at the label, one might expect these flavors to be pretty assertive. While the lemon flavor is definitely easy to identify, the kale adds more of a subtle grassy note to the product. Plus, it works quite well with the acidity and tartness of the other flavors. The resulting product is complex, but has a light mouthfeel thanks to the light effervescence. And fortunately, you can’t taste the stevia at all. From a packaging standpoint, the product looks very much like a bolt-on to Kevita’s core line. This should give it a level of familiarity with the company's existing consumer base. However, we do wish that the front panel were a bit cleaner in terms of the amount of text that is displayed. All in all, this is a very enjoyable product.