L'Alpina Water

by American Premium Water Corporation

Official Brand Overview

American Premium brands are bottled at the source and by being native to North America it reduces the transportation footprint to North American consumers and can offer very fresh, high quality water. American Premium’s Artesian, Mountain Spring and Purified water is available in epicurean and vegan type restaurants, fine hotels and specialty retailers. They are bottled in glass and are from a High Altitude – Alkaline location as well Purified Drinking Water with ph ranging from 7.7-10. The glass containers are various from screw top to Swing/Bale Top enclosures in (1 Liter) presentations. Our brands come in still and sparkling aka “Fizzy”. Clean Hi-pH water is directly related to one’s health and wellness, this is to counter the amount of sodium and sugar in the modern diet. Alkalinized body state is directly related to one’s well being. It counter’s inflammation and cancer concerns that are caused by an acidic diet, stress and oil based chemicals leaching into the water from plastic containers. American Premium Water Corporation is a publicly traded company under the symbol HIPH.

Current product lineup