Official Brand Overview

Leaf Cafe Tea started just under two years ago as a means of bringing the booming and healthy industry of bottled tea closer to home. These drinks have been exceedingly popular in Asia due to their savory, robust taste, health benefits, and innovative bottle designs. Leaf Cafe Tea now offers five high quality, ready-to-drink green tea beverages: Honey Jasmine Tea, Honey Green Tea, Apple Green Tea, Unsweetened Green Tea, and Unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea. Each flavor is unique and appeals to a wide variety of consumers, particularly those who are looking for a health-conscious, yet still full-flavored, solution to the sugary and artificial beverages on the market today. Our products are sweetened only with natural cane sugar and/or honey. We use the highest quality Asian tea leaves, also used by successful beverage companies in both Japan and China.

Current product lineup

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