Official Brand Overview

LGND Original is one of the first globally marketed energy drinks with a nootropic profile engineered to help you find your edge. We are setting out to create what the modern beverage market is lacking. Introducing a new niche of energy enhancing beverages, one of the world’s first energy drinks with a nootropic profile, marketed towards driven, ambitious and professional individuals. By utilizing natural, healthy and nootropic ingredients in our beverages we strive to create a new and healthier image for functional and performance-enhancing supplements and beverages. Our products aim to be inspiring, pushing people to live to the fullest and chase their dreams. Consumers of our products should want to relate to our image, vision, winner mentality and inspiring lifestyle. LGND's products are designed for people who want to make sure their focus, memory and body are getting what’s needed before demanding tasks. LGND intends to ensure the brain and body of the consumer have what’s needed to take action and create results.

Current product lineup