Liquid Energizer

by Smart Beverage Company


Official Brand Overview

The latest buzz is all over California, Liquid Energizer commercial finally on TV. We are getting hundreds of responses. Visit our website and leave us your feedback. Smart Beverages company has been established in California, and now plans to launch the distribution of their beverages stores nation-wide. Once the product gains visibility in the U.S market, Smart Beverages will continue it?s global expansion. As of right now, our products are being sold in Serbia, Russia, Ghana, Iraq, Columbia and Mexico. Our energy drinks pack a caffeine punch and its unique Mango, Orange, Regular, Sugar Free and Pomegranate flavors, cutting edge design and highly marketable name, and can immediately set it apart from the rest of the energy-drink market. By leveraging familiar flavors and great retail price, consumers can enjoy LE any time of day. GREAT SELECTION, PRICES AND IRRSISTABLE TASTE! Some territories are still open for distribution!

Current product lineup

This brand has no products