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Liquid Salvation Invades New York City

Lake Tahoe, NV – Liquid Salvation, a premium bottled water featuring a stylish fighter pilot-style flask, is now available in clubs, convenience stores, delis, and natural food markets throughout Manhattan. As part of its inaugural rollout this fall in Gotham, Liquid Salvation sponsored the Lady Liberty Ride, a charity ride on motorcycles created to benefit local at-risk youths (

Launched in Nevada in …

Liquid Salvation: Horns or Halo

@@img1Lake Tahoe, NV, April 5, 2006 – Liquid Salvation, the first bottled water in a flask, has launched a new “Horns or Halo” marketing campaign as the company continues to expand distribution and build consumer loyalty. Inspired by a World War II fighter pilot’s flask, the brand features a 1940s-style, sexy “She-Devil” pin-up logo and has now introduced an “Angel” version-both fondly known as Salvation …