Official Brand Overview

Gourmet Health Food Truck & AlmondMilk Beverage Company! Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, & Tumblr! Check us out! Molly's Milk Truck is a gourmet health food truck, catering business, and beverage company! Started in Hoboken, NJ by two 20-something year old entrepreneurs! After 2+ years in the food truck / catering business, the Molly's Team has now commercialized their most popular item: Molly's Milk Truck Signature Iced Coffee! The newly launched line of soy, dairy, and gluten free almond milk cold brew coffees and chais can now be found in over 200 retail locations! Check out our website to learn more! You'll be hearing more from us soon. Until then: Don't settle. Stay Hungry.

Current product lineup