No-Cal Soda Pop

by No-Cal Beverage Company

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

No-Cal Soda-Pop is the first brand to be commercialized by the INOV8 Beverage Company LLC, founded in January, 2005 by two soft drink veterans, Mike Weinstein(former CEO of the Snapple Beverage Group) and Brian O’Byrne (former CEO of the Yoo-hoo/Orangina Beverage Company).No-Cal was America's very first zero calorie soft drink, introduced in NYC in 1952. A soft drink without sugar was a novelty at the time. No-Cal became renowned for special flavors like chocolate (often mixed with a splash of milk by loyal users), black cherry (great with baked apples), ginger ale and root beer. Unfortunately, like many regional brands, the product didn't survive the competition from the big guys and disappeared from the beverage scene in the 1960s. NOW it's back, along with the fun attitude that was the hallmark of the soft drink attitude before the food police came along and told us what we couldn't drink or eat. Bottled in 12-ounce glass longnecks, each flavor comes complete with a character "spokesman", lots of fun descriptors, poems and stories. Our tag line is "absolutely non-fattening", a line we picked up from old No-Cal POS material. No-Cal, the Great Taste of 50's Style Soda Pop with no Sugar, no Calories, No Guilt!