Pannela Organic Drink

by Pannela Foods LLC

Official Brand Overview

Pannela is a unique, organic, healthy and refreshing new beverage made from panela (raw-unrefined cane juice). Pannela is naturally sweet with no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners added. It also provides natural Vitamin C (15% dv), and minerals like Iron (6%) and Calcium (2%), Magnesium (2%) and Potassium (1%). Offering a unique and refreshing taste, Pannela is caffeine and sodium free. Pannela provides 16 grs of unrefined carbs per 8 oz serving, and only 70 calories. The product is all natural, with no preservatives and has been certified organic according to USDA standards. Pannela comes in 16 oz glass bottles and three refreshing flavors: Lemon Fun, Peach Smile and Pomegranate Joy.

Current product lineup

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