PHD Probiotic

by Mass Probiotics

Official Brand Overview

phd to go is a convenient, add-to-water powder containing all-natural flavors and beneficial probiotics. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that form a protective layer in our gut and help digestive and immune function. Each packet contains 10 billion CFUs (colony-forming units), which is about 10x the dose in popular probiotic yogurts. Packets come in 3 different formulas, each with a different combination of 6 clinically-tested probiotic strains and light, delicious flavor. Berry Balance is formulated to help digestion; Citrus Boost has strains specifically chosen for immune system function; Orange Detox has strains that help detox and reset the digestive tract. More information on phd products and resources on probiotics at phd is also available in a ready-to-drink format where the probiotics are kept stable in the cap. phd probiotic products are made by Mass Probiotics located in Boston, Mass. Our mission is to improve human health by supplying essential and beneficial probiotics in a convenient, delicious, and healthy beverage. We also aim to increase awareness about the benefits of probiotics especially in the US.

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