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INTRODUCING THE BEST-TASTING WHEY PROTEIN DRINK EVER! From the makers of DESIGNER WHEY®, America's #1 Protein Since 1993®, comes new Protein BLITZ. Protein BLITZ utilizes one-of-a-kind drink technology in a refreshing ready-to-drink format. BLITZ has 30g of delicious whey protein isolate, 7800mg of research proven BCAA's, and 140mg of potassium for a better workout every time. Drink Protein BLITZ 30 minutes before exercise for better strength and 5 minutes after exercise for faster recovery. The Designer Whey vision is to change the WHEY America feels about protein by providing consumers with great tasting, whey-based products that improve their healthy lifestyles. Whey protein has been called the ultimate functional food. The revolutionary benefit of Designer Whey products is the utilization of whey, a protein-rich liquid component of milk produced as a by-product of the cheese-making process. Designer Whey has spent more than $10.3 million over that last 15 years researching the perfect blend of nutritional whey protein with great taste.

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