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Official Brand Overview

Get the bad stuff out & put the good stuff in! Cold pressed juices, cleanses, & colon therapies for the JOY filled life you deserve! Simplicity Holistic Health® is all about JOY. This is a guilt-free zone so come as you are. This isn’t a “diet,” or the latest fad, or a magic pill. It's simple, really: We get the bad stuff out, and put the best stuff in. Our clients experience incredible results because they have decided to take back the reigns on their health! Through a combination of the BEST cold-pressed juices and Closed Colon Hydrotherapy, Simplicity offers a path to total transformation! If you are overweight, bloated, sluggish, suffering from infertility, constipation, low energy, or you just want to FEEL better; our approach EMPOWERS you to discover your healthiest you. In conjunction with the cold pressed juices, LIVING foods, and cleanses, Simplicity provides state-of-the art, FDA approved equipment for Closed Colon Hydrotherapy. Our facility is staffed by highly trained, medical personnel with the experience to facilitate your healing in an ultra-clean environment. But, the best part is YOU are making this decision and YOU will feel completely empowered to maintain your health. Give yourself the greatest gift possible: your health! Sign up right now for one of our cleanses or Colon Hydrotherapy sessions.

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