SOS Rehydrate: Citrus

by SOS Hydration, Inc.

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Functional: Other Tablets & Powder, Functional: Recovery and Hangover, Drink Mix


4.8g Stick

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Review: Citrus

Posted: Feb 26, 2015 at 1:22 PM (Last Updated: Oct 14, 2015 at 4:07 PM)
SOS, which also comes in a berry-flavored offering, is a powdered drink mix that was designed to provide advanced hydration through increased electrolytes. In fact, the product even claims to help you absorb water three times as fast as straight water -- that’s a claim we haven’t seen on a sports drink before. Each packet, which is 0.16 oz., was designed to mix with 250 mL of water and contains 330mg of sodium, 195mg of potassium, 2.5g of sugar, and 5 percent RDA of magnesium. Having higher electrolytes than a sports drink AND being lower in calories and carbohydrates are also pluses. But it tastes just as good if not better. It’s sweetened with a blend of dextrose and stevia, which, when paired with their citrus flavor, has almost no aftertaste. This being a powder, you can adjust the flavor to your own liking, although achieving consistent flavor from pack to pack will obviously require some measuring. While it’s hard to judge the true efficacy of this product, it’s definitely a thirst-quenching flavor that has that salty and sweet flavor that we’d expect to find. There are certainly pros and cons to the mix format, but we find this format to be a lot more practical than having a case of sports drinks lying around. The branding and packaging, which features a metallic silver box and stick packaging, are clean and polished. The branding is technical in nature -- as is the “doctor formulated” tag line -- which is to say that this probably isn’t going to appeal to a mainstream consumer but someone who is actually using it in a sweat occasion. But from that perspective, we feel as though it’s a pretty approachable product. Overall, one of the more enjoyable stick-based hydration products that we’ve sampled.