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Amara by Amara Beverage Company
Hung-over? Tired? Jet Lagged? We were too. Drinking, exercising and traveling all put serious strain on our bodies. Sometimes living the lifestyle we enjoy isn't the greatest thing for our health, ...
Chase It by CHASEit Beverages LLC
Code Blue by Code Blue
Experience the world's first complete recovery drink designed by beverage scientists to revive your body. Code Blue's all natural powerful ingredients allow you to feel better faster by helping the bo...
Defense Effervescent Supplement by Brain Twist, Inc.
Note: this brand has been discontinued.
DEFY by Consumer Health Brands
Consumer Health Brands, Inc. has launched DEFY™, a powder mix that helps next-day mental alertness and enhances alcohol metabolism. The mix contains a functional blend of electrolytes, b-vitamins and ...
Ficks Cocktail Fortifier by Ficks & Co
Ficks is infused with a Vitamin B complex, electrolytes, amino acids, milk thistle, ginger root and dandelion to prevent many short term effects of alcohol consumption, while also aiding in liver heal...
First Aid Shot Therapy by First Aid Shot Therapy
First Aid Shot Therapy - liquid shot relief for your most common ailments. The speed and convenience of a shot, using FDA approved over-the counter medication. First Aid Shot Therapy comes in 4 varia...
Flu & Cold Defense by Brain Twist
Note: this brand has been discontinued.
FMF by FMF Beverage, LLC
Hydration and recovery energy drink.
Gatorade G Series by PepsiCo
G Series fuels your body before, during and after practice, training or competition. Be fueled to achieve your best ever step of the way with this new line of products.
GOOD4U by GOOD4U Drinks Co.
Tired of consuming artificially coloured sugar water, disguised and marketed as sports drinks? Now you can make the switch to the most complete sports drink on the market. GOOD4U Drinks are 100% Natur...
GTOX Detox & Recovery Shot by Applied Food Sciences
GTOX Detox & Recovery Shot significantly boosts the body's ability to remove unwanted toxins like those from alcohol, smoke, and other pollutants. GTOX has a patented ingredient Glucarate (the ‘G’ in ...
Hangover Joe's by Hangover Joe's Products
Hangover Joe's is a patent pending, revolutionary new product that is totally unique from all other hangover products on the market today. Hangover Joe's is the only morning after hangover recovery sh...
Hangover Tonik by Hangover Tonik, LLC
Your 5am Fix - Built from Biochemistry & Backed by Physicians
Jetset Energy by Jetset Beverage, Inc.
Note: this brand has been discontinued.
Just Chill by The Chill Group, Inc
JUST CHILL ® is a calming drink designed to enhance your flow. Our blend of functional ingredients, including SunTheanine®, has been designed to support your lifestyle of staying calm and confident wh...
Kill Cliff by Kill Cliff Inc.
Kill Cliff was created by a former US Navy Seal. The goal was to create a low calorie, recovery aid, that could be consumed on a daily basis while delivering key nutraceutical ingredients to help impr...
Life Support by Life Support Development LTD
Life Support is the first liquid nutritional supplement to introduce Hovenia dulcis (Japanese Raisin tree) fruit extract to the American market. Known widely in Asia as one of the most effective hango...
Modern Alkeme by Modern Alkeme LLC
Our Green tea ’Clearing Tonic’ is based on an ancient Japanese multi-generational family recipe created by Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of New York Jules Wainstein and her best friend, the world famous ...
Monster Energy by Monster Beverage Company
Tear into a can of the meanest energy supplement on the planet. MONSTER energy. We went down to the lab and cooked up a double shot of our killer energy brew. It's a wicked mega hit that delivers twic...
Morning Recovery Drink by Morning Recovery Drink
No more rough mornings! Morning Recovery is formulated to boost your body's natural response to alcohol. Drink it before going to bed and wake up feeling great. No more rough mornings! Morning Recov...
Overboard by Hyde Beverage Co
•Company Overview: Hyde Beverage Co is an innovative beverage company which engages in the development, marketing, sale, and distribution of beverages in the United States. Its customers include re...
Pickle Juice by The Pickle Juice Company
Pickle Juice® Sport was formulated specifically to stop muscle cramps and aid in hydration through the use of neural blocker properties and electrolytes. The active, 100% natural ingredients in Pickle...
PreFUNC by Smarter Generation, Inc.
PREFUNC is a lifestyle management beverage for those who take their health and entertainment equally seriously. PREFUNC before a night out helps you to be fully functional the morning after. Bottled...
rageAID by RAGE Beverages Inc.
Reliant Recovery Water by Reliant Beverage Company
Reliant's unique, proprietary process adds Charge-Stabilized Nanobubbles to great tasting purified water, allowing you to live healthy longer. For complete details visit
Resurrect Daily Detox & Recovery Elixir by Healthy Innovations, Inc.
Resurrect is a daily detox and recovery beverage that aids in workout recovery as well as hangover recovery, boosts the immune system, and protects against free radicals. Resurrect has become an impo...
Rockstar Energy Drink by Rockstar, Inc.
Hailing from Las Vegas, Rockstar Energy Drink's motto is "Party Like a Rock Star" and the drink certainly lives up to the name. With it's tall can and potent flavor, we're sure you'll agree.
SOS Rehydrate by SOS Hydration, Inc.
Living life at 100%? You need an SOS! The 1st rehydration drink mix comparable to an IV. #lifestylesurvival #send4sos
Stu's Sour Elixir by Stu's Heritage Foods
Seasonal, artisanal sour pickles and spicy bloody mary mix — we're bringing back the art of food preservation, one pickle at a time. We use field-fresh Midwestern cucumbers, natural ingredients and sp...
Workout Tea by Workout Tea

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