Soylent: Soylent 2.0 (Ready to Drink)

by Rosa Labs, LLC

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Sports Drinks: Fitness and Supplement Drinks

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Review: Soylent 2.0 (Ready to Drink)

Posted: Dec 18, 2015 at 8:38 AM (Last Updated: Dec 18, 2015 at 10:39 AM)
Soylent 2.0 is the company’s latest evolution of its meal replacement formulation and the first that’s available in ready-to-drink form. Having tried several of Soylent's prior efforts, we can confidently say that Soylent 2.0 (the 2.0 being the version, much like a tech product) is a big step forward. Packaged in a 14 oz. HDPE bottle (think Zico or Muscle Milk), the product has a plain white label that has a very tiny logo on the front and a callout for the product having 400 calories. There’s literally no other writing on the package, which will keep it from being compliant for retail sale. For now, you have to purchase it on the company’s website where it sells for under $3 a bottle. So what’s inside this bottle? It’s first and foremost about providing precise nutrition to the point where it replaces one of your three daily meals. To do this, the product’s formulation has 400 calories, 21g of fat, and 20g of protein. Its formulation is soy-based and vegan, with a host of ingredients that including algal oil, isomaltulose, soy protein, and vitamins and minerals. And it definitely provides plenty of sustenance. From a taste perspective, the product is very mild. There’s a subtle sweetness to the product, but the company didn’t add any sugars beyond what’s in the formulation for functional purposes. It has, however, added natural and artificial flavors. If there’s any flavor that it compares to, it would probably be vanilla, but it is still far from what you’d typically find in a protein drink (its closest traditional beverage cousin). While the liquid clearly wasn’t designed with a focus on pleasing your palate, there’s something about it that’s enjoyable and addictive. Overall, Soylent 2.0 is a great update and evolution to the company's prior products and a great foundation for the brand to push its way into the mainstream.